Meet Mike Biagio, Senior Associate, Patent Attorney

“Getting off the bus two or three stops before your destination can often mean more legwork than you anticipated. I get satisfaction from seeing mining & mechanical engineering ideas come to commercial fruition beyond simply being protected by a patent.”

– Mike Biagio, Senior Associate, Patent Attorney

As a veracious, commercially savvy patent attorney, Mike Biagio will find the untapped IP value in your business and capture it. An inventor himself, Mike has taken projects from concept to patent protection and manufacture, and has the personal experience to impart a practical understanding of intellectual property to his clients. This allows for full transparency across the IP process.

As a young boy, Mike was driven by an interest in the ‘hard sciences’. Prior to his career as a patent attorney, he spent several years working in mining and mechanical engineering, which has given him a keen eye for understanding how supply chain process and commercial mechanics can help his clients create and protect their products and ideas.

Mike argues that innovation is the cornerstone of social and economic prosperity, and recognises that the greatest technological developments are built on sustainable commercial opportunities. Through investing in client relationships and helping them to cultivate their ideas, he believes that he can contribute to a more dynamic and equitable future.

Before joining the team at Baxter IP, Mark spent 15 years honing his craft amongst specialist patent attorney firms in New Zealand and South Africa. Drafting and prosecuting patent applications worldwide, he continuously secured strong commercial opportunities for his clientele in various fields, from mining to medical devices. At the same time, he remained active in sharing his knowledge, authoring over 20 IP-related articles in both local and international publications.

Prior to becoming a patent attorney, he also specialised in Intellectual Property valuation in his homeland of South Africa, giving him a “behind the scenes” understanding of where intellectual property value lies and how this value adds to overall business value. Being a patent attorney gives Mike a way to employ both hemispheres of his brain – the creative and the analytical. His specialisation in control systems and software patents underscores Mike’s versatility, and thus the versatility of Baxter IP.

Mike’s free time is occupied by a passion for his wife and three kids; a love of rugby, cricket, and the great outdoors; and plenty of motorbike riding. He’ll also make sure that barbecues drive the agenda as often as possible when family and friends get together.