Meet Paul Goodall, Trade Marks Attorney & Patent Professional

“I’m passionate about supporting technological development both here in Australia and overseas and firmly believe such development should be duly rewarded. There is no better way to ensure that you reap the rewards you deserve than by filing a patent application to protect your unique ideas.”

– Paul Goodall, Trade Marks Attorney & Patent Professional

Coming from a long lineage of engineers, Paul Goodall spent his childhood taking engines apart to see how they worked. This fascination led him to a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from which he graduated at the University of New South Wales. After completing several telecommunications courses, wireless engineering piqued his interests and he went on to complete a Masters of Engineering (Wireless Engineering) from the University of Sydney.

Paul excelled in this field and worked for a number of engineering companies developing wireless paging systems, industrial grade modems, analogue electronics and HIFI products. Quickly proving himself as one of the most accomplished in the industry, he collaborated with film director James Cameron testing the mechanical and electrical components of a submarine that would dive to the Mariana Trench on a scientific expedition to collect samples, the deepest location on earth.

Constantly thirsty for knowledge and seeking self-improvement, Paul decided to pursue a Masters of Intellectual Property at UTS. Intrigued by the crossover of law and engineering, and combined with his passion for invention, he enjoys marrying his technical nature with critical thinking.

In Paul’s spare time he enjoys working on his cars and participates in motokhana, a sport where you manoeuvre a car through tight tests such as witches hats as quickly as possible. On beautiful Sydney summer days he likes getting in his kayak and exploring Middle Harbour.