Meet Paula Natasha Chavez, Senior Associate, US Patent & Trade Marks Attorney, Solicitor

“I love seeing my clients and their businesses grow, because I feel like I grow with them. There’s no better feeling than staying with an inventor from the first discussion of their idea, through successfully protecting their IP rights, to seeing them generate profits from their hard work and creativity.”

– Paula Natasha Chavez, Senior Associate, US Patent & Trade Marks Attorney, Solicitor

A native Californian and now resident Australian, Paula Natasha Chavez has an impressive legal career that spans over 25 years across the US, France, and Australia. Graduating from UCLA with a degree in Physics and JD from Loyola Law School, Paula kicked off her career in 1990, as an associate for a Silicon Valley top tier general practice firm and boutique IP firm. In 1997, she moved to Portland, working as General Counsel for two tech companies before making the transition to IP lawyer for PNC Consulting, where her clients included Motorola and General Motors. For many years she enjoyed a flexible role that allowed her to live and work in both France and Australia, and, in 2010, she relocated to Sydney, drawn in by its natural beauty.

Coming from a world where the relationship between patent attorney and IP lawyer is symbiotic, Paula was surprised to discover that the two practices in Australia stand alone. For her, that was just another way to test her dexterity. Lively and engaged, she posseses a sharp wit and candour that helps her get straight to the heart of what her client needs; and, through publishing prolifically, she has carved out an identity in the Australian legal landscape producing and hosting several talks, videos, workshops and papers in leading legal journals. In 2017, LexisNexis published three scholarly articles, including “Australia’s Looming Patent Crisis”.

Examining her own skills and navigating her way through the market to find the right fit, in Baxter IP Paula has finally found a dynamic and established firm that allows her leverage her considerable experience in drafting and prosecuting mechanical and software patents. On top of that, she seeks to fully utilise the broad spectrum of her patent, legal, and commercial skill sets to her clients’ advantage.

When she’s out of the office, Paula spends her time engaged in her retail shop in Bondi junction, Artful Ambience, where she manufactures a line of silver and gold jewellery encrusted with gemstones. She also enjoys lazy afternoons at the Beach.