“I care about people and their business goals. So whilst I consider client instructions carefully, I always look to make recommendations that are practical, commercially strategic, and that add value.”

– Warren Chandler, Senior Associate, Patent & Trade Marks Attorney

Over the past 30 years, Warren Chandler has travelled across a number of scientific fields before transitioning to roles directly related to IP.   His experience and skills have made his contributions critical to the growth enjoyed by the team at Baxter IP in general and the Melbourne office in particular.

During a 7-year tenure at the CSIRO (Australia’s national science agency and one of the world’s largest), Warren worked across a range of exciting scientific fields, including radical polymerisation of diallylamine monomers  (at the Division of Applied Organic Chemistry) and chemical engineering.   Time was also spent on Veterinary pharmaceuticals (at the Division of Animal Production), in-depth knowledge of which assisted in the resolution of some complex matters years later. It wasn’t until the early 1990’s that Warren moved into the field of IP, starting in his area of specialty – applied chemistry and methods of treatment of diseased states in animals and humans.

Setting aside his scientific pedigree, Warren’s work is distinguishable by the emphasis placed on preparation of IP and scientific analysis and the dividends it pays.  His scientific background is undoubtedly at the root of his clinical but ultimately beneficial attention to detail -a hallmark of his day-to-day approach. A familiarity with the nuances of the Australian IP landscape coupled with a talent for interrogating data and specifications alike make Warren’s office an appealing option for clientele the world over. The extent of his ability is demonstrated in the number of well-known Australian companies that have him to thank for the strength of their IP assets and current position of commercial strength.

Now with 24 years of experience in patents and intellectual property behind him, Warren continues to grow his expertise across the IP field, as well as his list of satisfied clients. His client-first approach yields the perfect balance of delivering true patent scientific definition and financial reward for those for whom he works.  Warren also now heads our specialist Trade Mark department.

Whilst there is no doubt that Warren’s day-to-day life is as fast-paced as any out there, he still has time for passions away from the IP field. When he is not growing grapes or reviewing some of Australia’s finest red wines, he is uncovering new ways to improve his home-brewed beer.  Both of his hobbies require great patience, attention to detail and improve with experience and expertise a fitting past-time for Warren Chandler of Baxter IP.