The Baxter IP Family philosophy is based on professional ethics and integrity. We ensure that the quality of our work adheres to the highest standards and take pride in abiding by a highly ethical approach to business relationships. We understand our client’s point of view and focus on our client’s best interests to achieve their goals.

Our philosophy is inspired by Percy Baxter, grandfather of Dr John Baxter, who founded The Percy Baxter Family Charitable Foundation, one of Australia’s largest family charitable trusts to progress medical research and help the underprivileged. He demonstrated that business mindedness and philanthropy need not be separated.

These are the principles we stand by:

  • Your best interests are always in the forefront of our minds.
  • We operate at the highest standard of professional ethics and personal integrity.
  • Confidentiality of information you provide to us will be protected as a matter of course – we take pride in our spotless record of trust, intact since our inception in 2007.
  • We regularly communicate with clients about processes, possible outcomes and costs in an upfront and honest manner.
  • We communicate in plain English to ensure that you understand relevant legal concepts.
  • Your matter will be handled efficiently and conscientiously to ensure that our work is not only of the highest quality, but is completed without delay.
  • We look for opportunities to help clients to profit from their intellectual property – often arranging meetings between clients and associated commercialisation or development orientated businesses.
  • We provide fixed-cost patent attorney services where possible to assist you with budgeting.
  • Our work will always be undertaken efficiently so as to provide you with the best possible value for money and we do not charge disbursement fees for things like photocopying, emails, faxes, or telephone conferences.
  • We walk in our client’s shoes – we know what it is like because many of our attorneys have worked in-house at research & development companies.